Creating your website with personalised support

Si vous avez des connaissances de base en informatique et en marketing, vous pouvez vous lancer dans le marketing numérique. Cependant, le mieux est de faire appel à des professionnels. Afin d’obtenir le meilleur retour sur la plateforme web L’open Art , notre agence a mobilisé ses compétences pour réussir à développer et référencer son site internet.

Experienced web development specialists

Relying on effective SEO tools

To have a good SEO

A good digital strategy is crucial to perfect your brand image. Simply having a website is not enough. You have to make sure that you generate enough traffic to remain profitable, otherwise it is not worth investing in website design. To achieve this, creating the Artistes Peintres website required SEO-optimised content, relevant backlink strategies, quality graphic design and a good dose of professionalism and planning of the content to be published.

Also, a system had to be put in place to measure the effectiveness of the adopted web strategy. The web agency should normally have specialists who master the analysis and monitoring tools necessary for this.

What you are in the eyes of customers.

There is one thing that all successful large companies have in common: a strong brand identity. This is what defines a company in the eyes of prospects and customers. In simpler terms, it’s what you look like. It’s a rather difficult concept to grasp because it’s very subjective. It is often confused with visual identity, and this confusion is generally accepted.

Vehicle of the company’s image.

Brand identity encompasses several elements that relate to the company’s image: logo, graphic elements, the offer, design, trade name, customer service, pricing policy, company values, chosen distribution channels, etc…

SEO: being visible on search engines

According to statistics published by Google Partners, around 93% of Internet users do research on the Internet before buying a good or service. The stakes of web strategy are therefore enormous. If you neglect it, your company will have difficulty reaching targets and growing.

Hiring a professional has become a mandatory investment if you want your business as visible and attractive as, let’s say, Tableaux Peinture for instance…

The concept of “visibility” on search engines.

The term “web presence” should not be understood in a literal sense. Indeed, it is not just a question of existing on the web. Web presence” refers to a company’s level of visibility on the internet in relation to others. The question is whether or not you will be among the first results when the Internet user writes the key words on the search bar.

Get support from a specialist for your strategy.

Of course, you have your own marketing strategy and it’s up to you to take the wheel. But when it comes to web strategy, it is advisable to get help. There is no question of not caring about it anymore. The big decisions will always be yours, but SEO techniques and methods are complex and require the expertise of a professional.

Each time new content is added to your website, you need to make sure that you integrate the specific keywords you want. At least two of these keywords per page must appear on the site.

On the other hand, if a lot of content is already published on the site, what needs to be done is an SEO audit.

The SEO audit allows you to measure the quality of your SEO referencing and the relevance of keywords. You can then consider optimising the content so that the site generates even more traffic than before. For this, a complete support of your web agency is essential.

Close long-term collaboration with your web agency is crucial. Indeed, throughout the execution of your web strategy, you will need continuous monitoring and advice to readjust the optimisation as you go along.